NetID Password: How To Change it If You Cannot Log Into Email

Note: Password Self-Service is only available to current students/staff who have active email. If you are an applicant who has not yet received/logged into email, send a request to instead.

Your NetID account authenticates your access to a wide variety of systems including email, Banner, Brightspace, Leo and campus Wi-Fi. This password expires periodically and must be changed. You will receive notifications in your Downstate email in the two weeks leading up to the expiration. Once the password expires, you may be able to log into/use email and Brightspace for some time but you won't be able to log into Banner.

If you have forgotten your NetID password, or if your password has expired, use Password Self-Service to reset it.

Read and Follow These Directions

  • Use a different web browser and/or device than the one you normally use. 

  • Do not have multiple tabs open. If you can, clear the history/cache.

  • Open the following URL:

  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOG IN! Click on the Can't access your account? link.

Microsoft sign-in dialog

  • Choose "Work or School Account" and click Next.

Work of school dialog

  • Enter your Downstate email address as your username. Fill out the captcha and choose Next.

Captcha dialog

  • Choose a method to receive a verification code: alternate email, text or call. Then click on the Email, Text or Call button provided at lower right. 

Verification code dialog

  • Once you receive the code, enter it into the box provided for entry and choose Next.

Verification dialog

  • You will be provided with a place to enter your new password. Make sure that what you are entering is what you want to use by typing it up first in Word or Notepad and then paste it in.

  • It should work immediately for Banner Self-Service. It can take up to 45 minutes for authentication servers to synchronize the change for other systems. You may want to wait an hour before trying to log into email or Brightspace.

  • If you have too many failed login attempts in five minutes for ANY system, your NetID will be locked temporarily. It will reopen after 15 minutes automatically.

  • Don't forget to update your saved NetID password across your devices / browsers for all logins.

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