Setting up Panopto In Your Brightspace Course

If it doesn't already exist, create a module in your course's Content tab. Give it a descriptive title, such as Recordings or Panopto Video.

Image of the Recordings module

While in the new module, click the Existing Activities menu and select the External Learning Tools option.

Image of external learning tools

In the Add Activity dialog box that appears, select the Panopto Video - BRK option.

Image of the Add Activity dialog box

Click on the Panopto Video - BRK link to access your course's Panopto folder. 

Image of the Panopto Video - BRK

You can click the Call-out button to the immediate right of the Subscribe button to open the Panopto folder in its own browser tab.

Image of the call out button

Syncing Permissions Between Brightspace and Panopto

IMPORTANT! Make sure you click on the Panopto Video - BRK link at least once prior to using your Panopto folder.  more >



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