Panopto Content Retention Policy

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Why are sessions automatically deleted?

Our Panopto license plan only allows for a limited number of hours of content to be stored on our servers. For this reason, we cannot store content indefinitely. 

How long is content retained?

Content that has not been accessed or modified for a period greater than four years will be automatically moved into an archive. This does not delete the content.

Archived materials will be permanently deleted after an additional two years.

Can I recover archived content?

Yes, for up to two years. Submit a recovery request to the Service Desk at After this time, content cannot be recovered. 

What about content in my Personal Folder?

The retention policy also applies to content located in personal folders.  

Can I protect my content from automatic removal? 

Yes, if you have long-term reference materials you wish to prevent from being automatically removed you can put in a formal request to

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