Copying Individual Sessions in Panopto

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Panopto makes copying (or moving) one or more individual sessions into your course folder very easy.

Login into Panopto and browse to the folder containing the session(s) you which to copy. 

Mouse over the session you wish to copy and select the checkbox that appears to the top-left corner of the thumbnail image. You can select multiple sessions.

Checkbox to copy a session

Click the Copy (or Move) button in the menu bar. 

Copy session button

Choose the folder you wish to copy the sessions to from the dropdown menu that appears.

Note: You must be registered as a Creator for both the folder you are copying from and the folder you are copying to. If you need access to your previous course recordings, send a request to Make sure to include the course number (e.g., BIOS 1234), title and semester code (e.g., 24FA).
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